PLAN Proudly Welcomes Dr. Korunda to Board of Directors

published February 1, 2018

(February 1, 2018 – Naples, FL) Dr. Nena Korunda is the newest addition to the Board of the Physician Led Access Network (PLAN.) Dr. Korunda is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and currently serves as the Medical Director of Korunda Medical Institute in Naples. She has received the Patients Choice award for the last ten years and was given the award of America’s top doctor from 2010 to 2012. Dr. Korunda brings 22 years of experience to PLAN, and when asked why she joined the PLAN Board she said, “To use my personal talent, expertise and leadership to give back to the community in the most meaningful way that I can.”

PLAN coordinates quality healthcare for qualified low-income, uninsured Collier County residents. Through an integrated system PLAN completes intakes with potential clients to verify their eligibility. PLAN then works with patients to coordinate their access to a wide variety of medical services including, primary healthcare through its network of physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities, including consultations, procedures, surgeries and laboratory services. Physicians and healthcare providers enrolled with PLAN provide valuable services to PLAN patients at no charge to the patient or to PLAN.

Last year PLAN was able to coordinate 3,820 medical appointments, an average of 318 appointments per month. The Board is glad to have Dr. Korunda on their team as they begin the new year. Dr. Korunda is enrolled as a PLAN physician and her practice provides care for PLAN patients. With the help of Dr. Nena Korunda and the Board’s other members, PLAN continues to strive to increase access to healthcare and provide health care to those in Collier County that need it most.

The mission of PLAN is to make a significant difference in the health of our community by providing a safety net and increasing access to quality healthcare for all low-income, uninsured adult residents of Collier County. There are many variables, both federally, state-wide and locally, that impact the ability for our patients to receive care. As a result, we continue to operate and help those who cannot regularly receive quality health care.