Patient Testimonial: Mirian G. 

published April 29, 2019

Back in 2009, Mirian G.’s mother was having some throat troubles and decided to go to the doctor. It was supposed to be a simple procedure — then, they found out that something was wrong. 

Mirian’s mother discovered that she had esophageal cancer. After beginning treatment, they ran into issues with her insurance and she was denied after filing for Medicaid. 

That’s when the social worker told Mirian about Physician Led Access Network of Collier County (PLAN). Mirian called PLAN for her mom. PLAN’s Patient Care Coordinator set to work on a radiation treatment schedule for her and assisted them in finding the right doctors. After some complications from treatment, her mother’s throat closed, and another series of surgeries was required. PLAN stepped up to the plate again, referring them to a doctor at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa that could perform the surgery and allow her to eat again. 

Five years later, Mirian herself started having what she thought was a simple cough. However, the cough was persistent, without any cold-like symptoms, so Mirian sought help from a primary care physician, who wanted her to have a series of tests. Mirian’s insurance didn’t help much, so she reached out to PLAN again for help. The Patient Care Coordinator made arrangements for a physician in PLAN’s network to examine Mirian’s swollen thyroid. It turned out she had 2 malignant tumors. With the help of PLAN and its network of healthcare providers, surgery was performed to remove the thyroid and Mirian received follow up care. PLAN helped with speech therapy and countless trips to PLAN’s resident ear, nose and throat doctor, Dr. Leela Lavasani. 

Finally, thought Mirian, she could get back to her life and care for her mother again. But alas, no. At the age of 35, Mirian suffered a stroke. After being rushed to the emergency room, it was discovered that Mirian had a malignant brain tumor. Luckily PLAN had a neurosurgeon in their network, so on May 25, 2015, she was able to get the surgery required to save her life. The organization helped her every step of the way in her recovery, with speech and physical therapy to help her learn how to walk, talk and move her arm again. 

“Dr. Kuzbyt (PLAN’s Board Chair) helped me overcome the emotional journey that I have been through. He has helped me learn how to accept my new life, to understand more of what happened and how to live with my condition,” Mirian said of her involvement with PLAN. 

“Without PLAN, my mother and I would have never been able to be where we are today.”