A small effort from many physicians results in a huge impact in increasing access to health care.

All-inclusive coordination of services through an integrated system.

While most of our community primary care physicians currently provide uncompensated care to many of their patients who may have fallen on difficult times, PLAN provides those physicians with an organized, integrated system that coordinates:

  • requested specialty referral consultation(s);
  • all related appointments such as surgeries, imaging or certain laboratory tests;
  • all follow-up consultations.

Comprehensive Local Support

Our local hospital systems as well as the numerous community clinics, medical centers and radiology centers are network members allowing for a seamless interface.

Immunity Protection

Our volunteer healthcare physicians and facilities receive protection under the State of Florida’s Sovereign Immunity Statute for free services they provide to qualified residents.

Eligibility Screening

PLAN conducts the income and residency eligibility screening of the referred patient to determine if the patient qualifies to receive free services through our program. Residents are also screened for eligibility in Medicare and Medicaid, and if found eligible for those programs, they are redirected accordingly.


PLAN Physicians are always in control of the type of services they are willing to provide and the number of patients they wish see, allowing for seasonal shifts of availability.

Equitable Distribution

As a physician- led initiative, there is equitable distribution of patients.


The volunteer care our PLAN physicians provide is identified, tracked, acknowledged, and reported to the community.


PLAN’s systematic approach to providing health care to the underserved has received recognition from our County Board of Commissioners, who have issued a proclamation on our behalf.

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